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+39 039 6066098

Our Pluses

  • 1500m2 workshop
  • 7 people employed
  • 7 available single-seater cars (One Formula 1 included)
  • 20 external contributors
  • 8 driving instructors
  • 3 engineers
  • 2 racing lorries for workshop and transport.

In all the phases your performances will be compared with the ones of the “Road" pilots, both by acquisition of dataand "on board",
At the end of every test the engineer will prepare a consumptive report for the following one and the work schedule.
With us the "arrive-and-drive" is a global concept: you will always find your technical clothing at the racetrack before each test session.

How to become a pilot

Road to Race, an out-and-out route for gentleman drivers open to whoever wants to accept the challenge and aims to take part to a real Formula 3 race or to a whole championship like the current F2 Trophy to which Puresport took part with con Dino Rasero (43), Paolo Brajnik (47) e Giorgio Venica (55).
Three of the many pilots who in less than two years following the Road to race schedule had even the chance to get on the podium and make their aim come true.
A schedule which provides a first approach to driving, after which we will be able to give you a first feedback about the probable timing and decide together the road map to go through based on your aims and your demands.

  • Steps 1
  • Steps 2
  • Steps 3
  • Steps 4
  • Steps 5

Participation in a standard Puresport day where in only 20/30 laps we will already be able to give you a first evaluation on which route to do.
In this phase you will already be able to see the cameracar of your test explained by our coach and expert telemetrist.

Steps 2

Step 2 provides, depending on personal ability and one’s previous experience,one or more track days (better if on different racetracks) in order to learn in the best way possible the driving techniques until you enhance from intermediate mode to TEST mode, (250 HP-less invasiveness than TC).
During these days the work with the telemetrist will be continuous on each and every driving session. The explications of telemetry and cameracar video data will enable you to drastically reduce your period of apprenticeship, allowing you to race with a rhythm you certainly do not expect, thanks to a comparison of performances with Puresport pilots already in phase 4 of Road by acquisition and On-board camera. You will be ready for the next step.

Steps 3

At this point of your Road to Race you will be ready to go on track in out-and-out collective tests, where you will have the chance to compare your perfomances with other semi-professional and/or professional pilots.
In this step there will be two fundamental introductions on which to work one to one:use of new tires, set-up work on the car.
The introduction of these two concepts will enable you to know even technically the dynamics of the car, its aerodynamics, the mechanics and the impact that some small settings of Ali, Camber and other parameters bring to deep and significant driving and style differences.
We will teach you to inform us about the driving sensations in order to choose the most appropriate settings to your driving style.
Data acquisition comparison and on-board camera with phase 4 pilots.
At the end of these tests you will be ready for the next step and for the achievement of the International C license which, at this point of the map, becomes a mere formality to you.
We will provide you with all the necessary assistance for the achievement, from the bureaucratic organization to the test where you will be verified by a CSAI responsible.

Steps 4

The race
Your preparation has now reached the end of the first course, the one which enables you to stay in the fray in collective tests without awe.
You will be able to participate to your first race and decide how to proceed for the next STEPS.
Your driving, car knowledge and the control of your emotions while driving will be at a level which will enable you to decide how to continue, which championship to do or which circuits try in race. Yours will be a free choice.
From now on it’s going to be serious. From this moment you will be granted the use of the F308 Power Engine car

Steps 5

Race Evolution.
From now on every test, every race, every session will be aimed at making your performance increasingly effective.
You will work on parameters which will improve your times on lap, you will also have to work physically, now it comes to take out the last tenths of a second to allow you to approach our Drivers currently in the F2 Trophy race.
In the collective tests they will also be there to tell you their route and to give you advice.
Here’s how they are driving today, at STEP 5 of their Road to Race.

Test e Competitions



The pilots who are currently in phase 5 and are racing in the F3 championship:

Here the names of our current pilots in the different “Road To Race” phases:

New Entries:

Here the names of those who brought off the Road To Race and now are racing in other teams: